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The Mystery of a Bug and Loosing It

I always feel regret after fixing a bug, but I can’t help it.
When I first encounter with a bug or a problem in a code or IT system, I instantly fall in love with it. I think about the reasons that caused its existence. Some unexpected events came together with such beautiful harmony to create that problem and this is what amazes me and sometimes it scares me most. There are lots of reasons behind the existence of a bug. Careless development, lack of management, poor testing, spilled coffee, anger etc. are just some of them. Also, bigger projects mostly comes with bigger bugs or  packs of small sneaky ones. These are the ones that I like. Small, sneaky, unsteady, hard to find and chaotic ones but my beloved ones are those whose existence is a result to logic errors. I really love discovering these. What was the developer or architect was thinking when designing or coding that piece of software or system that caused a logic error. What was the cause that drive developer to such mental situation to “create” that logic error. This is just magnificient for me. I don’t know why but I am so curious about this 😀